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Everyone wants to save money on their auto insurance. The following tips can help you do just that


Choose higher deductibles on your comprehensive and collision coverages.

Choose regular or standard collision over broadened collision for your vehicles.

If you purchase a home or renters insurance policy from the same carrier, they will give you a multi-policy discount.

If you have more than one vehicle make sure you put it on the same policy. This could help you save up to 20%.

Monitor your insurance credit score on a regular basis.

If you have a vehicle that is valued at less than $3000 you may want to only put liability coverage on it. Check the difference between liability only and comprehensive, collision and liability together.

If you have health insurance that covers auto accidents then make your insurance carrier be your excess coverage and your health insurance carrier be your primary coverage for PIP.

Try to locate your residence as close to your job as possible.

Buy a used car instead of a new car.