New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution

What exactly is a New Year’s resolution? It is a tradition, typically found in the western hemisphere, in which a person makes a promise to an act of self-improvement to make the New Year better than the last. A few of the top resolutions that people typically make are to lose weight and be more healthy, quit smoking, and spend more time with family. The number one New Year’s resolution is to save money. I mean who wouldn’t want more money saved, and less spent? However, they don’t seem to last that long. Most of the self-improving acts only last about a month; it very, very rare that they exceed six months. Wonder why New Year’s resolutions seem to constantly fail year after year? The goals are unspecific, unrealistic, and based on willpower, not systems. Sadly, if you fail every year trying to improve yourself in a certain way, you can actually being to distrust yourself. Out of everybody in the whole world, you should be able to count of yourself. To help your New Year’s financial resolutions stick, try checking your auto insurance. You may not be getting the best deal possible, so if your goal is to save money then check this options provided. First, consider insurance before you buy. Things to be aware of are the price, repair costs, safety records, and whether it’s a target among thieves. Next, consider higher deductibles. Sure, you might have to pay a bit more out of pocket if you get into a crash, but you’ll save anywhere from 15%-40% in collision and comprehensive coverage costs. You should also maintain good credit, it affects how much your insurance costs. Another tip would be to reduce coverage on older cars. To keep the cost of auto insurance down, you may want your auto and homeowners insurance from the same company. Typically, the costs are less if you purchase from the same company. You may want to shop around for auto insurance, you might be surprised what company provides the lowest rate for you. Drive less, and drive safer; if you drive less, there is a smaller chance of an accident or emergency. As for being a safe driver, you stand to save in coverage costs. People who have clean driving records for a certain amount of time can qualify for safe driver discounts. Last but not least, opt for safety features. If your vehicle is equipped with safety equipment to reduce the risk of theft or injury, you can qualify for car insurance discounts. Sticking to your New Year’s resolution isn’t as hard as it seems. Weigh out all your options on saving money through auto insurance before coming to the final conclusion. Keep your eye on the prize of saving some money, and you should have no problem improving your life in 2016


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