North American International Auto Show

North American International Auto Show

This show is made up for all you car lovers in the motor city and surrounding areas. The NAIAS gives you a chance to view technologies and vehicles that will shape the future. You will also be able to view them up close! That’s right, you will be able to really get a look at all the game changers for the automotive field. It will be transforming right in front of you, and you have the VIP pass. From muscle to electric cars, to high performance supercars and full-size trucks, you’ll never get bored. The NAIAS has something to please everybody’s car taste. As you’re browsing around the show you can’t help but think just how expensive auto insurance would be for one of these vehicles. You then think about yours for a second, and wonder just how the insurance companies determine how much each individual costumer will pay for each car insured by the company. To help you out, there are 10 factors listed below that will affect your auto insurance rate.
• Gender and Age
Young men statistically get in more crashes than younger women so they tend to pay more. However, as we age, older men tend to have better rates than older women.
• Marital Status
Married people tend to have fewer accidents than single people so the married couple will have lower rates. When you get married, especially for men, your rates will drop significantly. The amount your rate drops depends on your previous driving record.
• Where You Live
More densely populated neighborhoods means more cars are in the area, which means there’s a greater chance to crash. In certain places, it can actually cost more to repair your car so that calls for higher costs. In places that have a high theft rate, higher rates will also be required for your car.
• Credit Score
Many insurance companies take your insurance score, which we know affects our rates. There isn’t really a set number that determines the rate, but generally people with lower scores have higher rates.
• Profession
Yes, it goes as far as what your job is. Some auto insurance companies make correlations between a person’s risk of accidents and their profession. The insurance company will adjust the premium accordingly if they think you will get in an accident. Professions, like delivery drivers, that cause you to be on the road more, will have higher premiums than someone like a pilot that is rarely on the road.
• Safety Rating
Owning a vehicle with higher safety ratings means lower rates.
• Vehicle Size
Larger vehicles tend to do better than smaller cars in accidents. Therefore, many large cars with good safety ratings will have smaller premiums to pay.
• Age of the Car
Newer cars need higher collision coverage in case an accident occurred. The higher collision coverage translates to higher premiums for newer cars.
• Likelihood of theft
If your car has a better chance of being stolen then you will pay more for auto insurance
• Driving History
If you have a history of several traffic violations, you are considered high risk for the insurance companies. If you are high risk then you will pay more.


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